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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Haythem Razor
Author & Founder
Haythem, better known by Razor is a young Entrepreneur running website . Razor is also a Computer geek, hardware/software expert , Professional Blogger & addicted to E.Hacking.

The Start
In February 2012 Haythem started his own blog Tips Tricks and Tutorials from Razor, in the begin it was hosted by blogger ( until he bought a unique domain name ZTUTS.COM, that was a good and serious start for him to make a professional blog about Tips, Tricks and Tutorials for newbies and geeks, in the purpose to help people find solutions for their problems.
Why "Z"?

In Ztuts, the letter Z is extracted from the word Razor. Why it wasn't R instead of Z? Rtuts was not available on blogger neither in domain names, It was already taken, in fact Haythem decided to make another unique name so it arrived ZTUTS.

What is his Goal?
Everybody will say that his goal is to make money since he uses many ads to monetize the website. No, He uses those ad platforms only to make visitors support his public content and to make the domain name alive for more years. So the main goal of Ztuts is to provide high quality Computer tips, tricks and tutorials. Each article written with the hope that every visitor may learn from it and became more and more skilled.
Advices from Razor to Bloggers
If you are planning to start your own blog or website, the first thing the begin with is to make a full plan and prepare a niche that your website will speak about, then start learning SEO (search engine optimization) to drive more targeted traffic and get listed in the first places of search engine results, after that start blogging the right way like a pro blogger and make your blog update with a daily frequency to make your audience more and more attached to you. And never give up until you reach your goal.
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