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Add "Open File Location" to Windows XP [Easy]

Saturday, March 31, 2012

windows xp to windows seven 7 transformation image picture
Since its creation until this date, Microsoft Windows XP still have its record of being the most sold Operating system from Microsoft, thus its users are in huge demand of Theme transformation packs (you can download it by visiting this LINK). So I decided to make a new update;

This update will add a new function to windows xp to make it look like more to windows seven, so this function is the famous "OPEN FILE LOCATION" that helps to find shortcut target easily and makes the browsing and navigation through windows explorer even simpler.

Tutorial How to Add Open File Location to Windows XP:
1) Download this registry file LINK (AddFindTargetOptioninWindowsXP.reg)

2) Double Click it and confirm with YES when prompted to add registry key.

3) All done ( It may require to restart the computer but you can simply Logoff and Logon to apply)

Here is a picture:
how to add open file location windows xp to windows seven right click

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