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4 Free Tools to Test your Web Browser

Monday, April 16, 2012

Even if your web browser launches fast, there's some application measures that may prove that your web browser is not like what you were thinking, such as security... This free-to-use tools are made to compare web-browser(google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera, safari, and internet explorer...)

PeaceKeeper - is a free browser benchmark created by a neutral third-party and developed by FutureMark.
How to use?
All you have to do is visit PeaceKeeper and click "Test your Web Browser"...
It can test any web browser including mobile and tablet browsers.

SunSpider - this benchmark Javascript tool created by the Webkit team, (webkit is the engine that handles Google Chrome and Safari web browsers...)
How to use?
Visit the website SunSpider and click "Start SunSpider (ver) now!" replacing "ver" with the release version of SunSpider.

V8 Benchmark Suite - This Google V8 benchmark is used to enhance the Javascript engine of Google Chrome.
How to use?
All you have to do is to visit the next Link to chrome and it will start the test, you'll be given by a score to the left, the more score you have the more your browser is better.

Dromaeo - Dromaeo is the benchmark for Mozilla Firefox, this test takes longer than the other benchmarks it takes about ten minutes.
How to use?
Visit the Dromaeo website and click on "    Run Recommended Tests" and it will bring you the analysis of your web browser benchmark.