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How to Add To-Do List to Chrome's New Tab Page

Friday, April 13, 2012

While browsing using Google Chrome most of users are searching for a way to Add a To-Do list without running an external app. No they can do it by adding a simple To-Do list in the New Tab Page of google chrome with a simple-to-install extension...

1. Download "Things To Do" extension:

 - Download extension from HERE
 - Click on "Add to Chrome".

2. You'll be prompted to continue the installation, Click "Continue"

3. Click on "Install" to confirm the setup of the extension...

4. Now just open a New Tab Page and you'll notice the new extension is installed,

   How it works?

- You can change the Title area by another text by Selecting it and typing the new text.
- You can Add your To-Do job by Selecting the field beside the arrow and Typing your work.