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How to Crack ZIP Password using FCrackZip [Pro.]

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Have you lost the password of  a Zip file? Have you downloaded a Password protected ZIP file? Want to recover your ZIP password? It's easy as you'll follow this tutorial. We are going to use FCrackZip which is a fast utility to crack Password protected ZIP Files using Dictionary or Bruteforce mode.

1. Download FCrackZip from HERE

2. Extract the content of the file to a specified location (e.g : C:\fcrack )

3. Click Start -> Run... -> Type CMD and hit Enter.

4. Type : cd c:\fcrack and hit Enter
And replace c:\fcrack with where you extracted fcrackzip in Step 2

5. Now type : fcrackzip.exe -v -b d:\dowloads\ and Hit Enter.
And replace d:\downloads\ with the destination of your ZIP File.

-v : Verbose mode
-b : Bruteforce mode

6. Now it will starts checking all possible passwords of the ZIP File, you have to wait...