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How to Make your Own 3D Glasses [Medium]

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Making 3D Glasses have never been so easier! It will only takes you 10 Minutes to make them ready for your movies and videos... This type of 3D Glasses ( Red/Cyan) will work for stereoscopic (anaglyph) that used in 3D DVD's movies, and you can use them to play games that supports 3D like Bioshock or King's Bounty: Armoured Princess, Also will work for 3D Pictures ...

Tutorial How To Make Your Own 3D Glasses 

Step 1 :

  Download this PDF and Print it : 3D_Glasses_Pdf
This PDF is not Important.You can make it by yourself..

Step 2 :

Bring a Transparent Sheet (paper).
Cutout a pair of Lenses from the sheet.(make sure they fit the glasses)

Step 3 :

Bring Red and Blue Markers.
Color the Left Lens with RED
Color the Right Lens with BLUE

Step 4 :

Now just Tape the Glasses and make them look real.
Use Paste to paste the lens in the Glasses. (remember! Left=Red / Right=Blue)