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How to Surf with High Anonymity Online [Pro.]

Thursday, April 12, 2012

TOR is referring to The Onion Router which is a client software that routes internet traffic through worldwide volunteer network of servers. TOR is the most secure anonymity network that provides a high-anonymity to surf the web. How it works? A server (users) make a Relay network and other users connect to it using an auto selection from TOR Client...

If you want to Make Your Own Proxy you can from HERE
If you want a browser based Proxy you can surf from HERE

How to Surf with High Anonymity Online:

1. Download TOR Browser from HERE (latest version)

2. Install it (it uses a 7-Zip compression SFX)

3. Open Tor Browser and wait until it configures the connection.

4. Firefox will open up, now you can surf with High Anonymity.

5. To check that your IP is changed go to IP2LOCATION.

6. You can change your Identity by clicking "New Identity" from TOR menu.

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