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How to Track Your Stolen Laptop for Free [Pro.]

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today we can take certain security measures to prevent or recover your computer that was stolen. Prey is a cross-platform application that installs on your machine and a monitoring device that in case of theft, to enter into a spy inside the machine by sending remote service to important data that can tell who is your on your machine. You can choose either to register online or in software installation.

Setting up PREY

1- Download and Execute Prey from HERE

2- Continue the Setup of  Prey. Click Finish

3- Notice that "Setup reporting method" is checked and click Next.

4- Check "Prey + Control Panel (Recommended)" and Click Next.

5- Fill in the form with your infos and click Create.

6-  You'll receive an e-mail to Activate your account, simply click the link provided in the message.

7- You'll be redirected to the Login page, type in your email and password and hit "Login".
    (Your Pc should be registered to your Account)

 8- Go to Start -> All Programs -> Prey -> Configure Prey, and select Manage Prey Settings

9- Make your desired settings to let your computer under better surveillance. Hit Apply.

 10- Moreover you can set your tracking modules from your Account in Prey Website.

11- Now if your computer was stolen, any actions that the thief makes will appear in the report menu in your account.