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How to Watch Al Jazeera Sports UPDATE [Medium]

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Al Jazeera Sports is one of the most famous Sports Streaming Channels that streams all types of sports, It's  well known in the Arabic regions and europe. So watching this series of channels have been more difficult since they secure all types of streamings online. I posted earlier a How to article on How to Watch AlJazeera Sports channels, and The new method but those ways was secured by the company.

Watch Live Football Streaming => HERE

In this tutorial you'll learn How to Watch Live Al Jazeera Sports Streaming using VLC

Step 1

Download this File and Extract it.

Step 2

You'll find .FLV files named as Channel numbers.
Open any channel you want (e.g : JSC +9--ZTUTS.COM--.flv )
(use VLC to open FLV)

Step 3

Done! It will start streaming Al Jazeera Channels with HD Quality for FREE!