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15 Ways to Make Money from Internet (Part1) [Pro.]

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All the way back to its invention, Internet was created in the purpose of doing some research and get informations from the web. But lately Internet have became more and more large and it evaded all domains. Until this day Internet is one of the Money Making solutions in real life, so you can earn money online by doing jobs that Only needs Time. If you have Time you can Transform it into cash on the Internet. This is a best,recommended and High paying list of programs to Make Money from Internet.

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15 Ways to Make Money from Internet (Part1) 

Advertising is one of the popular methods to make money fast. Advertising is the way to set Advertisement on your Blog/Website to start earning by Clicks, Impressions, Unique visitors... Advertising programs provides different earning methods:
*CPC: Which is Cost Per Click, that means you get paid for every Click that a visitor click on the AD, CPC may varies between : 0.001$ and 1$ ; it differs from the program used.
*CPM:Whic is Cost Per Mile or Cost Per Impression, this type of earning gets you paid for every 1000 times the AD have been viewed on your Blog/Website, it varies between: 0.001$ and 1$ / 1000 Impressions ; it also differs from the program used.
*Flat Rate: Flat Rate is selling your AD Placement for a specific period of time (e.g: 100$ / Month or 50$/Week...)

Adbrite is the highest paying Advertising program. In facts it provides CPC, CPM, Inline-Text and Referral program (you earn a specific percentage of what your referral earns). After you Signup for Adbrite you have to select a type of Ad and Get its code then place it on your Blog/Website. You can Signup for Adbrite Here.

Adsense from Google is also a good Advertising program since it reaches a very large number of websites and blogs and pays high CPC (only CPC). Adsense is good for publishers and advertisers (Adwords). One problem is Google Adsense Disable your account for no reason after you get lots of earnings. You can Signup for Google Adsense Here.


Chitika is one of the powerful and medium paying CPC, it gives you 5$ if you don't use Chitika after you Applied for 5 days. You can Signup Here.
Bidvertiser is a alternative to Adsense and Chitika since it works with CPC and good paying advertising program.

BuySellAds is a platform that you can Sell your AD placement for a specific ammount of money per Month (e.g : 200$/Month). Also it provides CPM combined with Flat Rate (e.g 1$/1000 Impressions/Month ). You can Signup for BSA Here.

A Yet another Advertising program is Infolinks, it's very different from other AD networks since it provides Inline Text Links and Related Tag Cloud to monetize your Website/Blog with more earnings.

Affiliate is the method to reffer someone from your friends or family to buy a product from the Website that includes Affiliate program.
*CPA/CPL: Which is Cost Per Action and Cost Per Lead every time you Sell a Product you get a commission to 75% and 80% ( e.g : If you sell a product that costs 100$ you'll get 75$ (for 75% commission) )

Clickbank is the leader of Selling Digital Products and Affiliate Marketing, it gives 75% payment as the Highest commission percentage.

Also Commission Junction is a High Commission Rate you can earn to 75% of the product cost. The problem in this method is that Commission Junction Sellers need to accept your application to work with them. You can Signup Here.

Plimus is an alternative to Commission Junction since it provides around 75% of selling a product. You can signup Here for Plimus.