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15 Ways to Make Money from Internet (Part2) [Pro.]

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Internet is a new way to Make Money by Advertising, or Selling Products online, this is what we've seen in the first part. In this second part we will see another ways to make money and earn more + The best and Recommended ways to use in the same time and Earn more money in few days.

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15 Ways to Make Money from Internet (Part2) 

Freelancing is to get hired by an Employers a get their Job done for a specific time period, you'll get paid for Hourly rate, or you'll get paid by a fixed price ( e.g 20$ per hour / 100$ to complete the job)

Odesk is the best platform website that manages Employers to get their job done as fast as possible by hiring the best Freelancer that meets his requirements. You can Signup Here.

Elance is the best alternative to since it provides a good platform to manage projects, Hire freelancers and get Hired by Employers to earn more money. Signup Here.

===== is another alternative to Elance and Odesk, it's also a good website to manage your projects and hire freelancer to get your job done, also to get hired and make money. Signup here.

Other Stuffs
This a list of different and Misc stuffs and websites that you can earn more from them .

Reviewme is a Website that you get paid to review products and services on your Website/Blog. You can Signup Here.

Adf.Ly is a link shortener that you can earn from it by shrinking links and spread them, you'll get paid after a visitor visits your link and click Skip Ad you'll Earn 5$ / 10000 visitors.

ShutterStock is a website to sell your own photos and photography, you'll get paid for every one downloads the photo or buy the photography.

Recommended Ways from ZTUTS To Make Money Online

Odesk(Part2) (Part2)