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How to Auto-Shutdown your PC After a Specific Time [Easy]

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sometimes you need to schedule a shutdown of your computer after a specific period of time, maybe because you are downloading a file from Internet, running a long duration program such as virus scan or software installation. Though some programs provide an auto Shutdown feature to do that (like Winrar) but many others doesn't.

How to Auto-Shutdown your PC After a Specific Time

1) Download Scheduled Shutdown from Sourceforge.

2) Extract the file to a specified folder.

3) Install Scheduled Shutdown.

4) Run Scheduled Shutdown. Now Slide the Slider to a Specified Time Interval and Click Start.

5) It will starts the Countdown until it finishes to Shutdown your Computer.

You can Cancel anytime by Clicking Cancel Button.

Why Using Scheduled Shutdown?

- It's Open Source Freeware.
- Free to Download.
- Very Small file size (~ 1MB)
- Small use of system resources.
- Time interval from 1 minute to 12 hours.