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How to Compress MP3 Music Files [Easy]

Thursday, May 3, 2012

DietMp3 is a free tool to compress MP3 files, grab music from Audio CD, save your hard disk space and let your potable MP3 player hold more songs without additional memory card. This free utility contains many features such as: Compress/Re-encode MP3 files and Audio CDs, Reduce 30% to 70% MP3 file size and keep most of the music quality, Let your portable MP3 players, MP3 mobile phone and MP3 Palm can hold more songs without purchasing & install additional flash memory card.

How to Compress MP3 Music Files 

1) Download DietMP3 from official website.

2) Install DietMP3 and Launch it.

3) Now Browse using the left built-in browser and find your Song.

4) Select your Song and Click Add New.

5) Now Click Output and select the output folder.

6) Click Start Diet.

Done! Now your Song File should have less size.