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How to Get Disposable Email (Use and Get Rid) [Medium]

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Want to make a fast signup in a website or forum? You want to make your email more secure and far from Websites? Are you getting daily news and undesired Emails (SPAM)? Now you can make a fast email that destructs itself and you can get rid of it any time you want, no need to signup, no need to enter any information, it's kind of a public email address anyone can access to it.

How to Get Disposable Email (Use and Get Rid) 

1) Go to one of the Websites in the list below (e.g : )
2) Now in the field that ask for Email Address, put your desired email (e.g : ztutscom )
3) Click Check Inbox (or any button to check inbox).
4) Done! Now it will open you a new Email Box and starts receiving emails right away ( e.g :

 List of Disposable Email Services:

Yopmail (used in tutorial)
Spambog (Recommended)