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How to Get UNLIMITED Facebook Likes and More[Pro.]

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Your Facebook page is not getting to many Fans? Are you wishing to have 1000.000+ Fans, Followers or Website visitors? In this tutorial I'm going to show you a new way to Exchange Facebook Likes, Google +1, Twitter Followers, Website hits, Stumbleupon likes, Youtube Subscribers, Digg Followers... and many more.

Step 1 (Setting up an Account)

1) Go to YouLikeHits and Subscribe for an Account.

2) Activate your account from your Email.

3) Now you can Start earning Facebook Likes, Twitter followers and more by collecting Points.
Those Points are collected by Liking others' Pages, Visiting others' Websites, Following others' Twitter....

This Steps are very Hard to do so collecting points became more and more Difficult

So you need a BOT to make the Job more Easy

Step 2 ( Making a BOT)

What is this BOT?

This BOT is an IMacros Script that runs with a Plugin on FireFox.

What is new in this BOT?

This is a New and Exclusive UPDATE from ZTUTS for the Youlikehits IMacros (May,June 2012)
The older version doesn't work, because Youlikehits team closed that vulnerability.

How it Works? 

1) Download Mozilla Firefox (if you have it skip this)

2) Download this Plugin/Addon for Firefox : IMACROS for Firefox (May 2012) and restart Firefox.

3) Download this Script by ZTUTS and Extract the file to "My Documents\iMacros\Macros" (IMacros Script Facebook Like UPDATE MAY/JUNE 2012)

4) Open and Login to your Account (Step 1).

5) Go to Facebook Likes and Click Like on any green button.

6) Click the Small icon of iMacros (left of the Address bar of Firefox)

7) It will lists you all the available Scripts. Select YLH_ZTUTS.COM.iim and Click Play (Loop)

8) Done! It will starts Liking Pages and Skipping pages that have problems. Like & Share