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How to Make Creative Facebook Timeline Photos [Easy]

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Facebook Timeline is now getting much more popular since it's made to make some creative looking profile, by adding two photos in your profile, the first one is the Cover Photo: which is the background image that covers the header of your profile, the second one is the usual one which is your profile picture. After Facebook Timeline theme became well known and used, facebook users became creating some original and creative tricks like the images shown in this post. Want to Make Creative Facebook Timeline Photos ? Read this tutorial...

How to Add Animated Picture to Facebook Fan Page

How to Make Creative and Tricky Facebook Timeline Photos

2) Select a Template to use ( there are 4 available for now )
You can view examples before using it.

3) Select an Image to Upload and click Upload
Or You can use your current facebook timeline cover photo.

4) Move the frame to target your cover photo and hit Done

5) Click LIKE button to reveal your processed Pictures.

6) Now Click Download your Cover Photo the Click Download your Profile Photo

7) Then Upload your downloaded cover and profile pictures to facebook and feel the creativity you made!