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How to Speed Up Internet Connection [Easy]

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are you getting fed up of your Slow Internet Connection? Your download speed is too slow even downloading little size files? Streaming videos became as slow as a Snail? Your Internet connection is not giving her best for you? Want to make your Internet connection fast and full speed? Then watch this tutorial to learn How to Speed Up your Internet Connection...

How to Speed Up Internet Connection and Make it HIGH-SPEED

1) Click Start --> Run... (or press Windows+R)

2) Type : gpedit.msc  in the run box.

3) Now in the left navigation bar, select Administrative Templates and expand it (using +)

4) Continue browsing : Network -QOS Packet Scheduler –>Limit Reservable Bandwidth

5) After reaching Limit Reservable Bandwidth double click it and a window will show up.

6) Change Not Configured radio button to Enable.

7) Set the value of Limit of Bandwidth to ZERO (0%)

8) Hit Apply then Ok.

Setting it to zero will let the connection gives its best as it can.
You may restart your Computer for changes to take effect.