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How to Speed Up Torrent Downloads [Medium]

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Even if your Internet connection and ISP are working fine and have high-speed when you are surfing or watching videos, but when you are downloading some Torrent files your download speed become very slow as a snail, this problem is generally caused by the bad configuration of your torrent client.

How to Speed Up Torrent Downloads

1) Download Bittorrent Client and Install it.

2) Download EventID Patch for TCPIP.SYS of Windows (

3) Extract the File in a specified folder.

4) Open the folder and Run the file: EvID4226Patch.exe

5) Press "C" button from your Keyboard, and Enter 80 as a new value then hit Enter and Press "Y" to apply.

6) Run Bittorrent Client and Go to Options > Preferences > Advanced, Now search for the value named net.max_halfopen, Set 80 as the value number in the value field and click Set

7) Done! Now Click Ok to apply all changes and Restart your Computer for changes to take effect.