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How to Use Google Drive and Get 5GB of free Storage [Medium]

Monday, April 30, 2012

Google launched the new file storage and sync service, Google Drive is a free online cloud-storage alternative to SkyDrive and DropBox. This new app let users upload their files, docs and folders to the google cloud and the ability to access them from anywhere with any computer using just your Google username and password.

How to Use Google Drive and Get free 5 GB Storage to Upload your Files

2. Sign in with your google account.

3. Click Try Google Drive and then click Install Google Drive for PC.

4. Click Accept and Install, Download and Open the file.

5. After downloading and installing the application, Sign in again with your account, then Click Finish.

6. Right Click the google drive icon in the taskbar and click Visit your Google Drive on the web.
Login to your account on

7. You have to install the app on your browser.

8. Now you can start uploading your Content to the Google Drive.