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3 Ways to Make Youtube Videos Load Faster [Med.]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some specialists say that Youtube's streaming problem is not caused by Internet Speed Connection, but it's due to high server load since all the world wide are using Youtube to watch their favorite videos. Some other specialists say that Youtube's loading problem is caused by Adobe Flash Player. So this tutorial is about to show you 3 ways on How to get rid of the Youtube's laziness and make it loads x10 more faster than before.

3 Ways to Make Youtube Videos Loads Faster

1. HTML5 + Feather

HTML5 is built in the purpose to replace Adobe Flash Player, and Feather beta is a youtube feature that will make page load time less than normal youtube and will consumes less connection to make your video load faster.

  1) Go to Youtube HTML5 
  2) Click Join HTML5 Trial
  4) Click Join Feather Beta
  5) Go to the URL of the video, and you'll notice that it loads faster.

2. Using VLC Player

Using VLC to stream youtube videos is a simpler way to make the video load faster, but it's a waste of time that every time you open VLC to watch youtube.

   1) Open VLC
   2) Hit File > Open Network Stream and paste the video URL then Play.
   3) It will starts streaming better quality and faster loading.

3. Using a Software

SpeedBit Video Accelerator is a software that makes Youtube (facebook, myspace...) videos streams faster, by making multiple segments to connect to youtube servers and loads the video from different parts that what makes the video never hangs on. It's easy to use just Download and Install SpeedBit Video Accelerator.

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