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How to Cancel a Wrong Shutdown [Easy]

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sometimes we make a mistake by pressing the power button of your PC or Laptop, your Computer starts shutting-down,  all running programs will get closed and your work will get lost (especially when it's important task). This mistake is very popular and every computer user do, this solution will help you Abort a Wrong and Mistaken Shutdown.

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How to Cancel a Wrong or Mistaken Shutdown

1) Right Click on your Desktop and click New > Shortcut

2) In the location of the item field Type: shutdown -a   and Click Next

3) Select a title for your Application and Click Finish

4) Now When your Computer starts to shutdown double click that application and it will Abort all the Operation. ( You must be a little fast, as Windows gives about 5 Seconds before shutting down)

NB: You can change its Icon, by Right Clicking on it > Properties > Change Icon and select the icon.