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How to Convert Image to Ascii Art [Medium]

Thursday, June 7, 2012

ASCII Art is the art of designing graphical images through the use of simple Ascii characters, this technique uses a total of 128 set of characters defined by the ASCII Standard. ASCII Art is also very famous since it represents a picture with simple text. This tutorial will show you How to Convert Image to Ascii Art.

How to Create ASCII Art Text from an Image

1) Go to 

2) Click Choose file... then browse to your Image file and select it.

Or Simply paste its URL inside the URL Field.

3) Set the size of characters (better choose 5)

4) Select if it's colored or not.

Example #1 : Color:On
Example #2 : Color:Off
road sign
5) Click Generate and it will generate the ASCII converted Picture.

Done! Now just paste it inside a Text box or add it to a HTML page.