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How to Force Delete/Rename a Folder [Medium]

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One of the most common problems faced by users using Windows Operating System, is when you want to Delete, Rename or Move a file or folder you get an error message confirming that the file or folder is either running, opened, in use, shared, or locked by another software.

How to Force Delete/Rename/Move a Folder 

2) Continue with the Wizard Setup to Install Unlocker

3) After Installing Unlocker, locate the locked folder or file. Right Click on it and Select Unlocker

4) If the file or folder is blocked it will lists all process that locked your Folder/File: here we have CMD blocking our Folder.

5) Click Unlock and Delete your Folder or File.
     Kill Processes by clicking Kill Process and delete your File or Folder.