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How to Install MAC OS Inside Windows [Pro.]

Monday, June 4, 2012

Everybody knows that MAC OS X is a very special operating system, and everybody wants to use and test MAC OS X, but who will be able to buy such a very expensive Apple Hardware. This tutorial will show you How to Run MAC OS X Leopard on Your Windows PC using VMWare Player for Free.

How to Install MAC OS Inside Windows using VMware Player

2) Download and Install VMware Player

3) Extract the File named MAC OS Leopard.7z (Downloaded in step 1)

4) The file contains a VMX file and VMware Disk File.

5) Start VMware Player and Click File > Open

6) Locate the MAC OS VMX file (extracted in step 3) and Click Open.

7) Done! Now you can Start your Virtual Machine by Clicking Play Virtual Machine

NB: You can edit Virtual Machine's settings to meet your system requirements.