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How to View Blue Screen Log File (Dump) [Pro.]

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BSOD refer to Blue Screen Of Death, which is a very popular Windows error. This glitch especially happens when your computer is starting and reach the Windows logo, there a Blue Screen flashes and your PC restart and keep doing the same loop. It's definitely impossible to see what BSOD's Message says. In the meantime Windows store that log file called "Dump" or "Minidump" in C:\Windows\Minidump, but the problem is you can't access that file simply.

How to Store and View Blue Screen Log File (Dump) 

Step 1 ( Storing Dump File )

1) Go to Start > Run and Type:  sysdm.cpl  then Click Ok.
    Or Right Click on Computer > Properties

2) Click Advanced tab (or Advanced System Options in Windows Vista & 7)

3) Under Startup and Recovery click Setting button.

4) Under the System Failure section, Check Write an event to the system log.

5) Change Write debugging information to Kernel memory dump.

6) Change Dump file to %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP

7) Press OK to apply all settings. Now any dump file (log file) would be stored in C:\Windows\Minidump

Step 2 ( Viewing Dump File )

1) Download Windbg 6.12

2) Extract it using Windbg using Winrar (Download Winrar Full)

3) Run Windbg.exe,  Press CTRL+D (or go to File> Open Crash Dump)

4) Browse to C:\Windows\Minidump  and open the file located (.dmp file)

5) It will show you the Log file of BSOD, there you can find all useful information about the Crash.

Example : Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\ntkrnlpa.exe