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How to Create Professional Video Intro [Pro.]

Friday, July 13, 2012

Flixpress is an online video maker, it provides high quality and professional montage to make Video Intros and Endings. You can add your signature to the videos by making intro and ending using Flixpress. This website gives you a ton of Templates : some of them are FREE and some other are paid ( from 2$ to 5$ ). I'm going to show you How to Create Professional Video Intros and Ending using Free Templates, and a simple Trick to get 5$ Coupon Code of Flixpress to buy paid templates.

How to Create Professional Video Intro

1) Register and Account on Flixpress

2) Verify your Account via Email.

3) Login to your Account, choose Free Templates from the left menu.

4) Select a Template from the list and click Customize.

5) Enter the required informations : Intro Title 1/ Intro Title 2/ Final Title ...

6) Choose Audio track and Click Next

7) Upload required Images ( e.g: 4 pictures )

8) Finish Customizing the Video, and you'll get a link to download it.

How to Get 5$ Coupon Code on FlixPress

1) Go to Facebook.Com/Flixpress and Like the page.

2) Go to this app by Flixpress Page : Flixpress Coupon Code

3) You'll get the Coupon Code : FB100FP

4) Login then go to My account page then click Gift Codes tab

5) After entering the coupon code and pressing Claim, you'll notice that your account balance have increased.

6) Done! Go back and choose a paid template and enjoy customizing it.