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How to Extract Text from Scanned Image [Easy]

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Optical Character Recognition or better known by OCR, is a technology  that uses an algorithm to capture and extract text from image files. This technology helps us to get rid of rewriting text files that was printed, so you can scan it or take a picture using your camera, copy the image into the computer, then finally use the Optical Character Recognition to convert it into text. What we are going to see is a free Online OCR Tool that helps you converting picture into text by extracting the found text, then convert it to MSword, MSexcel or plaint text (.txt), also it provides the conversion of scanned PDF to txt or rtf...

How to Extract Text from Scanned Image 

1) Prepare the image that contains text, by scanning or taking a picture of it.

2) Go to OnlineOcr

3) Click Browse... then select the image that you scanned.

4) Select the Language that the picture is written by (to make it more accurate)

5) Select the Output Format : MsWord, MsExcel, or plain text.

6) Click Recognize to start the process.

7) Done! It will take a little while to show the text file. It have around 94.5% of accuracy, so after finishing remember to re-check the missing text if found.