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How to Find Who Deleted you On Facebook [Med.]

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Edouard Gatouillat is geek hacker who have developed a new Browser plugin script that shows you who have deleted / Unfriend you on Facebook. This script is called Unfriend Finder, it keeps tracking and monitoring your friends list and notify you whenever a Friend have been disappeared since your last login. This is not a Spam and actually works on any Web Browser ( Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ...).

How to Find Who Deleted you On Facebook 

1) Download & Install this Extension Unfriend Finder (works for all browsers)

2) Now a new tab will appear in the left side of Facebook homepage :

3) And in the Top header of Facebook : 

4) Now, whenever a friend have unfriend you from his list, you'll get notified in 3 ways:

. You'll receive a simple notification.
. You'll get notified on the left side (step2)
. You'll be notified on the top header (step3)