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How to Install Chrome OS on VMware [Pro.]

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Google have launched on 2009 a Linux based operating system called Chromium OS or Chrome OS to make using Google's services more easier with this simple Google Chrome OS. If you also want to test Chrome OS ( Chromium ), why not trying it on a Virtual Machine? This may help you make a shortcut instead of Installing the Operating System from bios which is very boring. Here is a full guide about How to Install Chrome OS on VMware Player 4.0, all you'll need is a Chrome OS image and VMware Player.

How to Install Chrome/Chromium OS on VMware

Method 1

1) Download and Install VMware Player 4.0

2) Download the VirtualBox version of Chromium Vanilla ( Direct link here )

3) Extract the ZIP file downloaded in step 2 using Winrar

4) Double-Click the VMX file that you extracted, and Run the virtual machine.
OR :  On VMware Player click File>Open and select the VMX file

Method 2

1) Download and Install VMware Player

2) Download this torrent image VMDK  ( torrent link here)

3) Extract the ZIP file downloaded in step 2.

4) Now Launch VMware Player then Click Create a New Virtual Machine.

5) Select I will install the operating system later, and Click Next.

6) Choose Other / Other as Guest Operating system version, and Click Next.

7) Name your Virtual Machine and set its location ( remember this ).

Example :  
Name :  ChromiumOS
Location : C:\RazorTuts\ChromiumOS

8) Choose 8.0 GB as disk size and Select  Store Virtual disk as single file , Click Next then Finish.

9) Rename the VMDK file extracted in step 3 from "chrome-os-x-gdgt.vmdk"  into the name that you choosed in step 7 (ChromiumOS)

10) After that, browse to the location you specified in step 7.

11) Copy and paste the renamed VMDK file ( step 9 ) in the location where you browsed earlier.

12) Launch and Run the Virtual Machine.

NOTE : You'll have to create a Google Account to use it in the login screen.