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How to Post Empty Status on Facebook [Easy]

Friday, July 27, 2012

In our Facebook life, we always update our status with a quote, expression, what we are doing... And we want to make an attractive status. Haven't you seen a person that shared a blank status update? That's awesome isn't it? What I know is you can't post a blank Facebook status simply by hitting the Space bar and sharing that, that surely won't work. Instead of that, you have to place a simple code that will be replace by an empty character (Facebook Glitch).

How to Post Empty/Blank Status on Facebook

2) In the status field, type the following code:

@[0:0: ]

3) Share the Status and observe the empty status.

What is this code?
In Facebook, in order to mark someone in your post, you need to use the @ symbol before writing his name, or before writing his profile ID. So this code will mark the profile that have the ID=0 (that surely doesn't exist) Cool isn't it?