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How to Reset Ubuntu 11.10 Password [Pro.]

Sunday, July 15, 2012

If you are forgetting your Ubuntu 's login password and you don't have access to it anymore, and you are stuck at the login screen. This is a tutorial in which I' m going to show you How I reset my Ubuntu v11.10 's login Password in less than 3 minutes of work. This technique is to use the GRUB of Ubuntu and access the  terminal on root and change the password with few commands. It can also recover your password of Ubuntu Installed on Virtual Machine.

How to Reset Ubuntu 11.10 Login Password

1) Power on your Computer, keep holding Shift key to access the GRUB menu.

2) Select the Option 2 that says Recovery Mode , and hit Enter .

3) After that, you'll get a second menu ( recovery menu ), select the 3rd option that says remount

4) That will make the filesystem writable, press Enter when it prompts you to go back to Recovery Menu

5) When you are back to the Recovery Menu, select the last option which says root

6) You'll Access  the shell as root ( if the root is don't have a password )

7) Type the following command and press Enter :   passwd username
Replace the word username with the username you want to access (e.g : razor )

8) Type the new password and confirm it. Then type the following command : sync

9) Done! Now just reboot your computer with this command : reboot -f

Note: You'll not have access to the shell if the root account is protected by a password (rarely)