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How to Setup Backtrack 5 on Virtual Machine [Pro.]

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Backtrack Linux is the distribution based on Debian, its primary goal is penetration testing. The latest version of this Operating System is Backtrack 5 R2 ( can be downloaded from official website ). Using Backtrack with booting from Live CD is undesirable, but you can setup Backtrack 5 on a Virtual Machine and Install it beside another Operating System, such as Windows, using VMware Player 4.0

How to Setup Backtrack 5 on Virtual Machine 

1) Download and Install VMware Player 4.0

2) Download ISO version of Backtrack 5 R2/R1 from here.

3) Launch VMware Player and Click Create a new Virtual Machine

4) Click Next> and select Install disc image ISO then browse to the downloaded ISO (step 2)

5) Select Linux , and put Other as OS version from drop down menu.

6) Name it and select the location of the virtual machine.

7) Put 20.0 GB (or more) as Disk Size and Click Next then Finish.

8) After finishing installation, Select the Virtual Machine > Edit virtual machine settings

9) On Network Adapter, choose NAT as network connection then apply settings.

10) Done! Just launch the virtual machine and enjoy Backtrack last release on VMware Player.

Note: If Backtrack hangs on the terminal interface ( don't see any other interface ), just type startx and hit Enter.