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How to Download any Flash Game From Any Website [Gaming]

Thursday, August 16, 2012

One of the most successful services that the Internet gave to its users, is Online Gaming. It's primary based on Adobe Flash plugin (some others are based on HTML5). We all are playing those little games implemented on a Web Page everywhere (on Facebook, Google+, Flash Games Websites...) and every time. If you liked a Flash game and you want to play it Offline surely you want to download it, but this can be done directly with a small download button to click. Here is a very easy trick to use to download any Online Flash Game and Play it Offline with very simple clicks.

How to Download any Flash Game From Any Website and Play it Offline

1) Go to the Flash Game page. (e.g:  Bike Mania 3 )

2) Wait for the game to Load.

3) After it finishes loading, Press CTRL+U to bring the web page source.
Or you can Right Click any where on the page then View Page Source

4) Now Press CTRL+F to bring the search bar.

5) Write in the search box:  .SWF  (the dot is important)

6) Keep searching for .swf results until you'll find the game. It should look like this:

7) Now copy that link and paste in the address bar. You'll get the Flash Game.

8) To Download it simply click CTRL+S or go to File > Save Page as...