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How to Hide Files Inside JPEG Image [Med.]

Thursday, August 2, 2012

If you have read about How to Hide Files or Folders, you may have read on ways to encrypt files or folders by changing the attributes that Windows have allowed to play with. How about Hiding files inside a JPEG Image without leaving your footprint. This technique is a professional way to secretly disguise any set of files and folders inside a simple JPEG picture, and so you can upload that JPG file to any image hosting website and share it with your friends to drop them some important files in it.

How to Hide Files/Folders Inside JPEG Image

1) Create a folder under "C:\" and name it "Hide"

2) Put the Files you want to Hide + The Picture inside that folder ("Hide")

3) Select the Files you want to hide (not the picture), Right Click > Add to Archive...
     You'll need Winrar you can download it here.

4) When Winrar windows open up, Click OK to finish the process. A file called Test.rar have been created.

5) Now click Start > Run...  type cmd and Click Ok

6) Now type in command prompt:  cd c:\test

7) Type again in the command prompt:  copy /b razor-picture.jpg + Test.rar razor-picture.jpg  and Press Enter.
Note: Replace "razor-picture" with the name of your picture

8) Done! After pressing Enter, you can notice that the size of the picture have increased.

If you want to open the image file, just change its extension to .rar and open it. Or simply open it using Winrar.