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How to Optimize and Speed up your PC [Med.]

Monday, August 13, 2012

Are you stuck with your PC's old hardware equipment? Have you wanted to boost your PC's performance? You want your PC to give its best? OK, today  I'm sharing with you this freeware which will increase the performance of your PC up to X2 times than before. This freeware is a little program that will take care of all unusual processes and services, which are running in background, with killing the right amount of unimportant tasks it will gathers all free memory and dedicate it to the software you are running. JetBoost improves your Computer's performance with the following features: close not required tasks, clean RAM for faster performance, set priority to a single software to speed-up startup process, able to choose the mode to boost your computer...

How to Optimize/Boost and Speed up your PC's Performance

1) Go to JetBoost and click Download.

2) Launch the Setup and Install it.

3) After installing it, Run JetBoost

4) You'll be prompted with this screen:

5) Select the Optimization mode as per your need (e.g: For Work )

6) You can choose Custom option, and select the processes and services you want to kill.

7) After selecting the appropriate mode, click Start Boost

Done! You can now notice your PC's performance have increase by around 50% or more. To test it you can launch any slow program and see the difference of time of startup.