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How to Restart Windows Without Shutdown [Easy]

Monday, August 20, 2012

Every time you install a software that have an intervention on your Hardware devices it asks for Restart for changes to take effect (Just like Daemon Tools), obviously you will restart your computer and wait all the time for shutdown and the long startup. This is a very simple trick built-in any Windows operating system to Reset Windows without having to Shutdown the Computer.

How to Restart Windows Without Shutdown Your Computer

This is very easy as Clicking a simple button, this trick is a built-in Windows feature that will allow users to Restart the internal software, services, startup programs and drivers without Shutting Down and restarting the whole computer. To Restart Windows without Restarting the computer follow these steps:

1) First, Click Start windows button.

2) Hold on the Shift button.

3) Click on Restart

Done! Don't keep holding the shift button for a long time, just release it as you see the dark screen.

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