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How to Speed up Internet Connection using TCP [Med.]

Monday, August 6, 2012

Transmission Control Protocol, or better know by the acronym TCP, is one of basics of the IP protocol. TCP is used by almost all applications that we use inside the operating system such as: World Wide Web, File Transfer (Download/Upload), Email ... If we can optimize TCP then we can really have a Faster Internet Speed by 200% (Tested). TCP can be customized by some registry hacks that can provide better connection with the Internet. But we are going to use a simpler way, this trick that we are sharing is to use a 3rd Party software that can interfere and change the TCP registry configuration to accelerate the Internet speed by around X2 more Faster. This method works perfectly for Game Lags and helpful for Latency and Ping.

How to Speed up Internet Connection using TCP/IP Optimization 

1) Download SG TCP Optimizer 

2) Launch it. You should see a window similar to this one:

3) Now it's time to customize it.

  • Under Network Adapter selection, select the adapter that you are using.
  • Under Choose Settings, select Custom
  • In Connection Speed section, scroll to the max (100+Mbps)
  • Set MTU value to 1500
  • Set Time To Live (TTL) value to 64
  • Check the two options under TCP 1323 (Windows Scaling, Timestamps)

4) The Settings should be like the one below:

5) Click Apply Changes to apply all settings to the network adapter.

6) Restart your Computer. Now your Internet speed will go up to 200%

Done! You can also check out How to Speed Up Internet 2, or also How to Increase Internet Speed with DNS