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How to Try Ubuntu Before Download [Easy]

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ubuntu is an operating system based on Debian Linux. It's well popular since it's the rival of Microsoft Windows' Operating systems. If you are willing to begin using Ubuntu as your default operating system, then you definitely want to try it before downloading it. Ubuntu official website have provided a service that allow users to test Ubuntu as Browser based application (based on HTML5 and Javascript) to try all its features and capabilities before doing any first step. All is Online and totally free, it's titled Ubuntu Online Tour.

How to Try Ubuntu Without/Before Download (Online Demo)

1) Visit the Ubuntu Online Tour

2) Wait a little until Ubuntu loads the content:

3) After loading, It will presents all the features to test (Welcome Screen):

4) You can choose to: Browser Files, Surf the web, Check email, View photos, Find apps, Create documents, Create spreadsheets, Create presentations... All is online and browser based.

5) After finishing the tour you can Download Ubuntu for Free from here.

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