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Top 5 Ways to Access Blocked Websites [Med.]

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some of the bad cases an Internet user could face, is the Internet Censorship. Internet Censoring is now everywhere in Countries, Office, School or even in your home computer. Censorship is a method to exclude some undesirable websites from the list of accessible severs. Every time a user wants to access a website, by typing the full URL in the address bar, a http request is sent to the Filter (censoring) then to the server and then responds with the result.

Top 5 Ways to Access Blocked Websites

I Listed this tricks from the Easiest to the Hardest:

1. Use Online http Proxy

  1) Visit an Online http Proxy website (e.g: )
  2) Type the URL you want to visit.
  3) Click Go
  4) Done! You'll be redirected to the website.
Note: You can find a big list of http Proxies here : Online Proxy List

2. Access Website by IP

  1) Launch Command Prompt (CMD)
  2) Type the following command:   tracert
  3) Replace "" with the website you want to access and Hit Enter.
  4) You'll Get the IP Address of the Website like shown below.

  5) Copy the IP Address and Paste it in the address bar of web browser.
  6) Done! You'll be redirected to the website.
Note: You can use ping instead of that command.

3. Use Translation Services

   1) Go to Google Translate
   2) In the text field, write the URL you want to access.
   3) You'll be given by a Link as translation result (in the right) Click it.
   4) You'll access the full website.
Note: You can also try Bing Translator as an alternative.

4. Using TOR: The Onion Router

TOR is the most secure anonymity network software that provides a huge: Relay list from all over the World which helps you to hide your IP thus your Identity to access any Blocked / Restricted website.

5. Creating your Own Proxy Server

I already wrote about this trick. This trick is a very professional method to access any blocked and restricted website in your country using Your Own http Proxy Server. This is totally FREE and it will costs you only about 10 Minutes of work.