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Best Free Proxy Server to Access any Website [Easy]

Monday, September 3, 2012

Razor Proxy is a web based proxy service which is built to provide a totally Free Anonymous surf using its easy-to-use website service. This proxy server (Razor Proxy) will entirely hide your Identity while surfing the internet with Top Security. Its goal is to allow users to access blocked website (youtube,facebook...) in their country (india,indonesia...), bypass school filters, unblock websites in work office, access all type of content with high anonymity and full security and protection.

Best Free Proxy Server to Access any Website

How to:

1) Go to Razor Proxy

2) Put the URL you want to access in the small text box.

3) Click Go.

4) It will navigate to the specified URL with hidden identity.


1) Click the Settings icon to display available settings.

2) Check all settings that meet your needs.

3) You can also change the user-agent (Operating System+Web Browser) with full faking. Click Edit Browser

4) Select the virtual Operating System and Web Browser from the list.

5) Click Save to apply.

6) You can also manage cookies by Clicking Manage Cookies 

Visit Razor Proxy to Surf Anonymously-Totally Free!