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How to Read QR Code Using PC & Webcam [Med.]

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick Response Code aka QR Code is a type of barcode but it has a faster readability and larger storage capacity compared to the traditional UPC Barcode. QR Code has become more popular since it's used in all type of products (such as Mobile Phones, Cars, Computers...). The process to read a QR Code is very simple using a Computer software (to scan an image in the computer) or Webcam (to scan an image in a device). Following this step by step tutorial will certainly teach you the way to Scan and Decrypt QR Codes using a Software or using the Webcam.

How to Read QR Code Using PC Software

To scan an Internal QR Code image

1) Download bcTester

2) Extract and run the Setup.

3) After finishing the setup, launch the program.

4) Click File > Open icon, and select an Image or PDF File to decode.

5) Click the QR Icon to decrypt it.

How to Read QR Code Using PC Webcam

To scan an External QR Code Image

1) Download bcWebcam

2) Extract and Install the program.

3) Launch the software and follow the next steps:

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