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How to Reveal Who Hacked your WiFi [Easy]

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Every computer geek knows that WiFi vulnerability have become more and more susceptible to be hacked, and every one wants to protect his own WiFi spot from being hacked. It's always hard to fully protect the Wi-Fi device, but it's possible to reveal who's accessing your WiFi spot behind your knowings with a very smart and easy method.

How to Reveal Who Hacked your WiFi Router

2) Download it and Extract the zip file (Direct Link)

3) Run Wireless Network Watcher

4) It will starts scanning the network: from to

5) Every network connection found will be listed with its information.

IP Address : The IP Address of the connected device.
Device Name : The name of the connected device (may be Name of the person)
Mac Address: Mac address of the device.
Network adapter company: Network company of the network card connected (e.g:Intel)
Device Information: Your Router or Your Computer.

6) Also it generates other informations about the connected device.

Done! If you have detected any networks than your Computer and Router then you must hurry up and change your WiFi Password key (better use WPA or WPA2 for encryption).

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