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How to Backup & Restore Your PC's Drivers [Med.]

Monday, October 22, 2012

When you don't have the Backup disc of your PC's hardware drivers, it's truly hard to find the ones that corresponds to your Computer drivers. Also, when you are about to do a Re-install or a Format of Windows, you can Backup your drivers for later setup. This software called Double Driver, help you make a quick backup of your Computer drivers to make a later Restore.

How to Backup & Restore Your PC's Drivers

1) Download , Extract & Install Double Driver

2) After installing, Launch Double Driver.

3) Click on Backup then click Scan Current System to scan for available drivers.

4) A List of drivers will show up, it will auto select the important and useful drivers present on your computer.

5) After selecting drivers, Click Backup Now

6) Select the output format : Structured folder - Compressed Zip Folder - Single File Self Extract

7) Done! Now to Restore the Drivers, you have to click Restore option from the main screen, then you choose where you saved the drivers.