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How to Search and Update Your Drivers Automatically [Med.]

Saturday, October 6, 2012

After Formatting your computer or re-installing Windows , it's truly a big problem when you lose your PC's drivers. It's a common problem that every computer user could face. Knowing your Hardware Drivers ID may help in such cases, but how about losing the information about your Hardware drivers? Or Losing your Drivers CD? This tool called DriverMax (Free users can Download Drivers) can help you identify unknown hardware drivers, search for the missing drivers or updates, and download your them with a single click providing high secured direct link server using only your Internet connection.

How to Search, Find and Update Your Drivers Automatically

1) Download and Install DriverMax Free Download

2) Launch DriverMax and Click on Scan for Updates Now

3) You'll get a list of the Missing Drivers on your Computer.

4) Click Download button to download the driver you want.

5) Select Continue As FREE User

Free Users can Download 2 Drivers per Day, that would be helpful.

Done! After Installing all required drivers be sure to Restart your Computer to apply driver changes.