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How to Install & Test Firefox OS on PC [Easy]

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Firefox OS is a new Linux Operating System for smartphones & tablets, it's based on HTML5, CSS and Javascript Interface. If you are planning to use this new OS then you must try it out and get its first taste. Firefox team have introduced a beta version of this OS which is a .XPI Plugin that can be installed on Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. The addon (extension .xpi) is named R2D2B2G and can be installed in Firefox Web Browser running under Windows, Linux or Mac.

How to Install & Test Firefox OS

1) Open Firefox Web Browser, and go to this Link

2) Download the Plugin that corresponds to your OS (Windows,Mac,Linux)

3) Confirm the Installation of the new Add-on:

4) The Extension will take a little time to install (98.32 MB), Just wait until it finishes downloading and installing .XPI file.

5) After completing Install, go to Tools > B2G Desktop or Tools > Web Developer > Firefox OS Simulator


Done! Be sure to Check out :