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How to Upload to Multiple File Hosting Websites [Easy]

Sunday, November 11, 2012

When you want to Share a file, the only place to do this is File Sharing/Hosting Websites such as Hotfile, Rapidshare, Bitshare and others. You can upload your file to those File Hosting servers easily, but when you want to upload your file to Multiple sites at once this will be harder to do. This is a tutorial to show you How to Upload Files to Multiple File Hosting Websites with One Click (Mirroring service) .

How to Upload to Multiple File Hosting Websites

2) Select the File(s) you want to Upload, or Enter the Remote URL of the file.

3) Scroll down, and Select the File Hosting sites you want to upload and mirror your File(s):

4) Click Start Uploading Button and wait until it completes mirroring and generating links to your File(s)

5) Finally, you'll be provided with MirrorCreator Link and File Hosting links like shown :

Done! Check out also the following tricks :