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2 Ways to Unshorten Any Short URL [Easy]

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shortened links can contain malicious sites, like & tinyurl, to avoid those Unsafe link redirection it's sure to use some tricks to Unshorten those short URLs to be able to see what it really hides. I'm introducing 2 different Ways to Unshorten Any Short Links and avoid some malicious redirections...

2 Ways to Unshorten Any Short URL Links

1. URL Unshorten Website

This method is by using a 3rd Party Website to Unshorten URLs. Those websites use PHP and cURL libraries to Unshorten small links, it works for almost any shortening website service: / / / / ... Here is some websites :

2. Web Browser Plugin

This method is faster for use since it's a Plugin (Addon) to install in your Web Browser and Unshorten short URLs on the fly! It also works for all shortening websites. This plugin is derived from the website! Plugin for Chrome! Addon for Firefox

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