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How to Reinstall All Useful Apps after Format [Easy]

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

After doing a Format for your PC it's hard to keep your Useful Software 's Setup files, it's also quite hard to find them on the internet later on... Ninite is a trusted website that provides a new service which will help you Recover Setup files of your Useful Programs under Windows. It also provides Only One Installer that will install all the required and selected Apps directly with one click. Ninite also helps you find Free alternatives to your favortie software.

How to Download & Reinstall All Useful Apps after Format Windows

1) Go to the Website Ninite

2) You'll see a huge list of Free Software to Download, Select the appropriate Programs to Download

The list contains the following Categories:
  • Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox...)
  • Messaging (Skype, Messenger...)
  • Media (VLC, K-Lite Codecs...)
  • Runtimes (Flash, Java...)
  • Imaging (Gimp, InkScape...)
  • Documents (OpenOffic, PDF Reader...)
  • Security (Avast, Avira, MalwareBytes...)
  • File Sharing (µTorrent, eMule...)
  • Online Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive...)
  • Others (Google Earth, Steam...)
  • Utilites (TeamViewer, IMGBurn ISO...)
  • Compression (7-zip, Winrar...)
  • Developer Tools (Python,Filezilla,Notepad++...)

3) After Selecting the Apps that sound useful for you, Click Get Installer to download the setup.

4) After Downloading the Installer , launch it...

5) It will starts the process: Download & Installing the required Programs that you selected...

6) Now just wait until it finishes downloading the Apps, The programs will starts taking place in your Computer's Desktop.

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