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How to Speed up Windows 8 Startup [Easy]

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One of the new features present in Windows 8 is the new technology Fast Startup. Fast Startup uses the same technique as the Hibernation mode under older Windows versions ( XP/ Vista / 7 ), but a little improved to make the Startup takes less time. Fast Startup, introduced by Microsoft in only Windows 8, improves the speed of startup by caching all necessary files and informations: Registry, Services, Running process, Cache & temporary files... in the hard disk, and after startup all of that will be fully Recovered.

How to Speed up Windows 8 Startup with Fast Startup

*Works Only on Windows 8

1) Go to the Start menu, press Windows + W Keys, and search for Power Options and select Power Options from search results. OR Simply go to Control Panel > Power Options

2) From the left side panel, select Choose what the Power buttons do... (like below)

3) Click Change Settings that are currently unavailable under the Define power buttons and password protection section in the up of the page. This will allow you to change the settings of the and enable Fast Startup mode.

4) Check the option Turn On Fast Startup (recommended) to enable Fast Startup.

Done! Now to test the new Fast Startup feature simply Power OFF your Computer (Not Restart) and you'll certainly notice the difference about startup speed.